Stray Dogs Attacking and Killing Pet Cats in Texas

Concerns rise as abandoned dogs continue to roam in San Antonio, Texas, for over two weeks. Struggling for food, these dogs resort to attacking and killing pet cats.

In the state of Texas, residents living in Timber Ridge and Tara neighborhoods are facing a concerning situation involving abandoned dogs that have been roaming around for over two weeks.

These dogs, left without care, are struggling to find food, which has driven them to attack and kill pet cats in the area.

Sebastian Neira, one of the residents, tragically lost his own cat to one of these dog attacks.

In an effort to prevent further harm, he’s been leaving food out for the dogs, hoping they won’t harm other cats.

The concerned residents promptly reached out to the local Animal Care Services (ACS) as soon as they noticed the problem, but unfortunately, the response was not as quick as they had hoped.

Despite ACS promising to set up traps for the dogs, it took much longer than expected for this to happen.

According to ACS, they have limited resources, with only 13 dog traps available for the entire city of San Antonio, Texas.

Due to this scarcity, addressing all cases promptly can be a challenge.

Key points:

  • Residents in Timber Ridge and Tara neighborhoods (San Antonio, Texas) dealing with abandoned dogs roaming for 2+ weeks.
  • Dogs attacking and killing pet cats due to lack of food.
  • Slow response from Animal Care Services (ACS) in setting up traps.
  • ACS has limited resources with only 13 dog traps for the whole city.
  • ACS prioritizes aggressive animal cases.
  • Residents advised to provide detailed info when reporting incidents to ACS.
  • For immediate response, contact San Antonio Police.
  • Roaming dogs not captured yet, safety concerns for residents and pets.
  • Residents urge ACS for quicker action to resolve the issue.

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