Australia’s Plan to Eliminate Feral Cats and Save Native Species

Australia's Five-Year Plan to Eliminate Feral Cats and Safeguard Endangered Species. Learn about the innovative Felixer grooming trap, using a non-toxic gel to control the invasive cat population

Australia has come up with a five-year plan to get rid of feral cats to protect native animals from dying out.

Feral cats, brought by Europeans, have caused many native species to disappear and continue to threaten others like mammals, birds, and reptiles.

The plan involves using a special trap called Felixer, which sprays the cats with a poisonous gel.

When the cats clean themselves, they ingest the poison, which helps reduce their population.

The Felixer traps are smart machines that can tell if an animal passing by is a feral cat or not.

They only spray the poison on actual cats, not other animals.

These traps will be placed in areas where endangered species live to keep the cats away.

In addition to the traps, the plan also includes using baits in some places and providing more funds to local communities to help deal with the feral cat problem.

However, not everyone is happy about killing the cats, and there have been disagreements in the past.

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Overall, the goal is to protect the native animals and make sure they have a better chance of survival against these harmful feral cats.