Dog Found Dead, Left Alone in Las Vegas Apartment

Learn about the heart-wrenching case of Dallas, a dog found starved to death in a Las Vegas apartment. Abandoned in November 2021, Dallas suffered neglect until his discovery in February 2022.

In Las Vegas, a sad incident occurred where a dog named Dallas was found dead inside an apartment.

The poor dog had been left all alone for more than two months before a maintenance crew discovered him in a severely weak and skinny state.

The police looked into the matter, and they found out that the dog’s owner had moved out in November 2021 and left Dallas behind.

When the animal control officers arrived at the apartment in February 2022, they saw Dallas, a Pitbull with blue and white fur, lying lifeless on the living room floor.

The place was a mess, and there was no food or water for the poor pup. It was clear that he had starved to death.

They managed to identify the owner, who had moved to a different state after being evicted from the apartment.

She claimed that she had left Dallas with a neighbor because she couldn’t take him with her.

The police eventually found the person responsible for leaving Dallas behind.

A man named Joshua Faamai admitted that he was the one who left the dog in the apartment.

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He said it was a big mistake, and he didn’t mean to abandon Dallas.

The reason he gave was that he couldn’t afford to take Dallas with him to his new place because there was a fee for having pets there.

Faamai believed leaving Dallas in the apartment was the safest option, so he didn’t let him loose on the streets.

However, tragically, this decision led to Dallas’s untimely death.

The authorities arrested Faamai for animal abuse, and he was released on bail.

He is not allowed to have any animals while the case is ongoing.

The court will review the case again in August.

This heartbreaking incident reminds us of the importance of responsible pet ownership and finding proper care for our furry friends if we can’t take care of them ourselves.

If you ever face such a situation, consider reaching out to local shelters or animal organizations for help.

Key points

  1. Dog named Dallas found dead in Las Vegas apartment, starved.
  2. Dog likely abandoned in November 2021, discovered deceased in February 2022.
  3. Joshua Faamai charged with animal abuse for leaving Dallas behind.
  4. Owner moved out of state, leaving Dallas with a neighbor who didn’t care for him.
  5. Faamai admitted to leaving Dallas due to financial issues.
  6. Apartment in disarray, no food or water for the dog.
  7. Faamai arrested and released on bail, court appearance in August.
  8. Incident underscores importance of responsible pet ownership and seeking help when needed.