Proteo, the rescue dog from Mexico who helped in Turkey

Proteo, the brave rescue dog from Mexico, tragically passed away in February 2023 while aiding earthquake recovery efforts in Turkey.

In February 2023, a rescue dog named Proteo, all the way from Mexico, was sent to help after a big earthquake hit Turkey.

Sadly, while doing his important job, Proteo passed away.

He was part of a team of special dogs trained to find people buried under collapsed buildings.

These dogs are super smart – they can sniff out both living people and bodies under the debris.

But the main goal is to find people who are still alive. Proteo was really important during the first few days when rescuers from around the world were trying to find survivors.

He even managed to save two people trapped under buildings that had fallen down.

The Mexican Defense Ministry, which sent Proteo to help, praised him for being a hero.

They said that he got really sick and passed away because the weather was extremely cold, and he was already an old dog, almost 10 years old.

But it’s important to know that he didn’t die because a building fell on him during a rescue.

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Proteo’s trainer explained that the cold and the long journey to Turkey were tough on him.

They brought his body back to Mexico, where he was honored as a hero and given a proper goodbye by the Defense Ministry.

It’s a way to show that he did an amazing job trying to save lives, even though he couldn’t be with us anymore.

Key points

  1. In Feb 2023, Mexico’s Proteo aided Turkey’s quake recovery.
  2. Part of a team, he rescued survivors under rubble.
  3. Despite challenges, he bravely saved lives.
  4. Praised by Mexico’s Defense Ministry for heroism.
  5. He passed due to tough conditions and age.
  6. His body returned to Mexico, honored by Defense Ministry.