Tragic Electrocution: Dog Killed by Light Pole

Learn about the unfortunate incident of a rescue dog, Ted, who was tragically electrocuted by a light pole. Follow the story of Erich Gross, his brave efforts to save his beloved companion.

In 2022, Erich Gross shared a heartwarming story about his beloved rescue dog, Ted, a mixed-breed Poodle, whom he considered his best buddy and adventure companion.

Erich had adopted Ted from Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control (MADACC) a few years back when the poor dog was in a terrible condition and on the brink of being euthanized.

Thanks to Erich’s love and care, Ted recovered and became an inseparable part of his life.

Tragically, their strong bond was abruptly shattered one day.

On November 4th, while Erich and Ted were out in the neighborhood raking leaves and clearing a sewer grate, a horrific accident occurred.

Ted’s leash, which had a metal clip, accidentally touched a nearby light pole, causing a powerful electric shock that electrocuted the poor dog.

The leash wrapped around the pole, making it difficult for Erich to free him immediately.

Erich was also shocked while attempting to rescue Ted, but despite his desperate efforts to revive him, the voltage was too much, and Ted didn’t make it.

Devastated, Erich had to go to the hospital to get checked out after the incident. Reflecting on the incident, he couldn’t help but think about what might have happened if it were a child who got electrocuted instead of Ted.

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He expressed gratitude that it wasn’t someone else, especially a young family, facing such a tragedy.

Seeking answers and accountability, Erich decided to approach the Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW) to understand what went wrong with the light pole.

DPW spokesman, Brian DeNeve, expressed their sympathy for the unfortunate incident and reassured that it was an isolated occurrence.

They acknowledged that a malfunction had caused the incident and that their electrical services team promptly resolved the issue and tested other poles for any potential dangers.

Although Erich is grieving the loss of his cherished companion, he plans to file a claim with the city to cover the medical expenses resulting from the electrocution.

His hope is that this incident serves as a reminder for the importance of electrical safety to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

Key points:

  • Erich Gross and his rescue dog, Ted, had a close bond. Ted was saved from a shelter and nursed back to health by Erich.
  • While outside, Ted’s leash accidentally touched a light pole, electrocuting him. Despite Erich’s efforts to save him, Ted did not survive.
  • Erich was also shocked in the process and sought medical attention.
  • He expressed concern about the potential danger to others, particularly children, if such incidents were to happen again.
  • The Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW) investigated and resolved the issue with the light pole, claiming it was an isolated incident and that other poles were safe.
  • Erich plans to file a claim with the city to cover his medical expenses resulting from the electrocution.