Dog Mistakenly Sent to Saudi Arabia

Learn about Bluebell, the black Labrador owned by Madison and James Miller, mistakenly flown to Saudi Arabia by British Airways.

Madison and James Miller, a couple moving from England to the United States, faced a distressing situation when their beloved black Labrador mix, Bluebell, was mistakenly sent on a flight to Saudi Arabia instead of Nashville, her intended destination.

The mix-up occurred when the couple paid around $2,100 to book Bluebell on a flight from London’s Heathrow airport to Nashville on December 1st.

Madison arrived in Nashville a day before Bluebell’s scheduled arrival to prepare their new home for their furry companion.

Dog Mistakenly Sent to Saudi Arabia

Photo Courtesy of the Miller Family

However, upon landing, they were devastated to discover that Bluebell and her cage were missing. The airline staff informed them that Bluebell had been loaded onto a flight bound for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The couple expressed immediate concern for her well-being and asked for a “proof of life” photo, which showed her in her cage in Riyadh.

For two long days, Madison and James anxiously waited until they were finally reunited with their beloved pet.

Bluebell had spent more than 60 hours in her cage during multiple international flights, with little access to food and natural light.

The couple was heartbroken, fearing that the traumatic experience might have lasting effects on Bluebell’s well-being.

British Airways and IAG Cargo, the airline’s sister carrier, issued an apology for the mishap.

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However, the couple felt that the airline’s response was insufficient, as they did not take enough responsibility for the mistake.

They pointed out a similar incident involving another airline, which went to great lengths to reunite a dog with its owners after a similar mix-up.

The airline offered 50,000 frequent flier miles as compensation, but Madison and James declined the offer.

Instead, they requested nearly $10,000 to cover the expenses resulting from Bluebell’s ordeal.

The costs included behavioral therapy, anxiety medication, and damages caused by Bluebell’s separation anxiety in their new home.

Despite the ongoing negotiations, the situation remains unresolved. IAG Cargo continues to work with the couple to find a suitable resolution and address their concerns.

The Millers’ main focus is on helping Bluebell recover from her traumatic experience and ensuring her well-being after the unfortunate mix-up during their carefully planned move.

Key points:

  • Madison and James Miller moved from England to the U.S. and planned to fly their black Labrador mix, Bluebell, from London to Nashville.
  • Due to an airline mix-up, Bluebell was mistakenly loaded onto a flight to Saudi Arabia instead of Tennessee.
  • Bluebell spent over 60 hours in her cage during three long-haul international flights, with limited access to food and daylight.
  • The couple expressed disappointment with British Airways and IAG Cargo for not doing enough to resolve the issue.
  • The airline apologized for the mistake but refused to offer monetary compensation, stating all costs were absorbed by the airline.
  • The couple requested $9,810 to cover expenses, including behavioral therapy and anxiety medication for Bluebell.
  • Bluebell’s well-being and recovery from the traumatic experience are the couple’s main concerns.
  • The situation is still unresolved, with IAG Cargo working to find a resolution with the couple.