Outrage Ensues as Security Guard Throws Puppy from Footbridge in Philippines

A security guard in the Philippines threw a puppy off a footbridge, killing it. The incident happened at a mall in Quezon City.

In a disturbing incident in Quezon City, Philippines, a security guard named Jojo Malicdem has been accused of deliberately throwing a defenseless puppy off an overpass during a confrontation.

The incident has caused an uproar among the public and has drawn significant attention.

According to a woman who witnessed the horrifying act, Malicdem’s account of the event is questionable.

She claimed to be standing just a meter away from him when she saw him pick up something and forcefully toss it from the footbridge.

She immediately pulled out her cell phone and took a photo, revealing that the object he threw was, tragically, a helpless puppy.

The poor animal was found lying on its back, appearing lifeless after the fall.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society took the witness’s sworn statement as crucial evidence and filed a complaint against Malicdem, accusing him of violating the Animal Welfare Act (Republic Act 8485). The complaint was submitted to the Quezon City prosecutor’s office.

In response to the accusations, Malicdem’s employer, RJC Corporate Security Services Inc., submitted a statement on his behalf to the police Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies.

In his statement, Malicdem defended himself, claiming that he acted out of concern for his safety, fearing that the dog might bite him.

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He also mentioned that during the confrontation, one of the five vendors he asked to leave the footbridge took his identification card.

As a result of the incident, Malicdem was immediately removed from his position as a security guard at the mall.

He has been placed on floating status, which means he is currently without a specific work assignment.

The heart-wrenching incident has sparked widespread outrage, with many demanding justice for the innocent puppy and calling for appropriate actions to be taken against Malicdem for his alleged inhumane act.

Key Points:

  • Security guard Jojo Malicdem allegedly threw a puppy off an overpass in Quezon City.
  • A witness disputes Malicdem’s claim that he acted in self-defense and says she saw him forcefully throw the puppy from the footbridge.
  • The witness’s statement was submitted as evidence by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, which filed a complaint against Malicdem for violating the Animal Welfare Act.
  • Malicdem’s employer claims he acted in self-defense out of fear that the dog would bite him.
  • As a consequence of the incident, Malicdem was removed from his position as a security guard at the mall and is currently on floating status.