Interesting Facts About German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

German shepherd dachshund mix can be an excellent choice for big families since it needs lots of mental stimulation and activity to stay healthy.

Can you imagine a male German Shepherd who is at least three times taller than a dachshund?

Dachshund sleeping


Here comes a unique breed who is fierce, feisty, and smart with a big heart, known as German Shepherd Dachshund Mix.

What is a mixed dog breed?

If you are confused and unaware of mixed breeds, you are not alone. Hybrid dogs have recently been introduced and many people are confused about them.

German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

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A mixed breed is a mixture of either two or three different breeds that influence the dog’s appearance, behavior, health, energy level, mood, and temperament.

Mixed breeds have several genetic and health advantages and along with that, they add diversity to the pure breed of the genetic pool.

So let’s discuss a unique intermixing of breeds between a German Shepherd and Dachshund Mix, its characteristics, behavior, temperament, and physical appearance.

The temperament of German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

The mixed pooch is known to be loyal to their masters. He is known to adore and love the whole family but has extra affection for the main caregiver.

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Such dogs are generally overprotective about their masters and may even take extreme steps like biting to stop anyone approaching their master.

So you need to train him from a very early age to avoid such experiences.

German dachshund is known to be very social but he may act weirdly with strangers at first. But after some time, they will get comfortable.

They are energetic and fun-loving. They love to play with their masters for long hours. Make sure to provide him with his recommended exercises otherwise he may act aggressively and destroy everything that comes to their path.

German dachshund can be an excellent choice for big families since it needs lots of mental stimulation and activity to stay healthy.

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Size and Appearance of German Dachshund Mix

Their size and physical appearance can vary to a large extent depending upon the parent types.

German Shepherd Dachshund Mix Dog 2

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Their weight may range from anywhere between 20 to 60 pounds and size in between the range of 10 to 20 inches. Height is a mixture of the sizes of shepherd and dachshund parents.

Don’t expect them to be as tall as German Shepherd because of obvious reasons.

He will certainly inherit the large triangle ears of both parents that can be either floppy or erect.

He will surely have big dark round eyes that will add to his personality.

So overall, you will get a very handsome-looking chap with all the desirable characteristics.

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Coat and Skin Color

The coat and skin depend upon the genetic pool of the mixed breed. The mixed-breed can either be smooth, longhaired, or wirehaired. So there is a wide set of textures and colors.

Such dogs usually shed moderately throughout the year and heavily during the shedding season.

German dachshund can come in colors dark blue, brown-black to solid white, red, blue, or even merle.

Training of German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

The basic laws of training and learning are the same for all the species across the universe.

You will have to train your dog by using the basic training techniques of punishment and reward. Do your research and find out what your dog loves the most? Is it cheese, ham, toys, meat, or anything else? Join any puppy training classes available in your area.


The German shepherd dachshund mix is usually a healthy breed having a lifespan of 7 to 14 years or even longer in some cases.


The portion size for this mixed breed depends on their size, weight, and activity level. They usually consume 1.5-2.5 cups each day divided into two or three smaller portions.

Do not overfeed your dog since obesity can be fatal for their health. Always check and carefully follow the serving recommendations printed on the packaging.

Overfeeding can lead to obesity, high cholesterol, GIT disorders, and back problems.

The mixed breed is prone to spinal degeneration and disc hernia. So it’s essential to keep their weight under strict control.

Common Personality Traits of German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

The temperament of mixed breeds is a mystery unresolved. They carry traits of both their father and mother, so have a mixed temperament.

Generally, they are friendly and lively towards their owners. They are happy, energetic, and yippy! They are extremely protective of their owners.

If the dachshund traits are dominant, the dog will be more stubborn and mischievous and if the German Shepherd traits are dominant, they can be a nice cuddling companion.

Can The German Shepherd Dachshund Mix Be a Good Fit for The Family?

This totally depends on your family size, nature, and preference. Such dogs are loud and energetic, so won’t work well for families with babies. The dog may terrify the baby or wake him up from sleep.

Secondly, they are not very friendly and open to other pets. They want to get all the love and attention of the family themselves. So, keep these things in mind when selecting this mixed breed.

Health Concerns Related to German Shepherd Dachshund Mix

Just like any natural breed, mixed breeds also inherit health problems from their parents. Some common health hazards in Dachshund mix breed are listed below:

  • Bloating
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Knee dysplasia
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cancer

Grooming of The Dachshund German Shepherd Cross-Breed

Just like all other pups, they require daily brushing. Frequent bathing, and occasional professional grooming.

The grooming mainly depends upon the type of inherited fur, but German Shepherds are heavy shedders, so they generally require more care and frequent grooming.

Here, I have collected some interesting information about Dachshund Shepherd German breed

  1. Weight can range from 15 – 85 pounds
  2. Height varies between 8 to 26 inches
  3. Coat color can be brindle, black, cream, fawn, merle, chocolate, blue, grey, red, wild boar, black, tan, and silver.
  4. Eye colors are green, blue, brown, black, and amber.
  5. Ears can be floppy, triangular, or pointy.
  6. The average life span is 10 – 15 years.
  7. They are not kid-friendly.
  8. They are friendly, curious, and protective in nature.


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