All You Need to Know About Dachshund Jack Russell Mix

Jackshund(Dachshund Jack Russell Mix) is known by the famous name ‘Jackweenie’. Known for their amazing hunting, guarding, and racing skills.

Jackshund(Dachshund Jack Russell Mix) is a unique combination produced by the cross between Jack Russel and Dachshund.

Dachshund sleeping

They are known for their amazing hunting, guarding, and racing skills.

They are cheerful, jolly, bold, friendly, and adorable. No one can resist their charming and energetic personality.

Jackshunds are known by the famous name ‘Jackweenie’, with pleasant and cheerful personalities.

These dachshunds are full of energy and need plenty of exercises to stay healthy and active.

They love to cuddle with their owners.

They are very affectionate and loving dogs and if you have plenty of time, they are the right fit for you.

If you train them properly from an early age, they can be a good fit for your family.

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Some Unknown Facts About Jackshund Breed

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  1. The Jackshund is a very energetic and active breed and may fall sick without proper exercise. You should expect a few thunderstorms and accidents when you first bring it home.
  2. Another unique feature of Jackshund is its amazing energy and activity level that is maintained throughout their age. Yes! Their energy level doesn’t decrease with age, they carry the same spark and youthful spirit in their whole life.
  3. The Jackshund breed is typically heavier than a typical dachshund.
  4. Jackshund is one of the healthiest dog breeds in terms of their size.
  5. Jackshund is an excellent travel companion and guard dog.
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Physical Traits of Jackshund Breed

The two parents of Jackshund, Jack Russel, and dachshund are very different from each other in physical appearance and temperament.

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix dog

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It is hard to predict the characteristic traits of Jackshund, which depend on the dominant parent.

Depending on the dominant parent, the height of a Jackshund varies between 8-14 inches, and weight ranges between 15 to 30 pounds.

They have an average lifespan of 11-13 years. They may have a single or double coat that can be straight, curly, or wavy.

Common coat colors are white, golden, brown, cream and black.

Nature of a Jackshund

Being smart, bold, and intelligent, Jackshund makes a good watchdog.

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix dog 2

They may give you a hard time as a trainer and are somewhat stubborn in nature.

They love to play with children and other pet animals in the house which makes them good family dogs.

Jackshunds are adaptable in almost every area and can live easily in an apartment or house.

They can even live well in houses without gardens as long as they get their daily exercise and outdoor walks.

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Exercise Need for Jackshund

They need to walk and exercise on a daily basis to stay fit and active.

They love to play different physical and brain games so try to incorporate that into their routine.

Training of Jackshund

As mentioned earlier, they are stubborn in nature and perhaps difficult to train.

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix dog 3

They may sometimes refuse to obey and follow your orders.

You need to be consistent and firm in your approach. Make use of the traditional punishment and reward method to train them.

Carry small treats with yourself when you go out for a walk. Try to make their training fun and exciting.

You will enjoy yourself a lot with a Jackshund once you two become acquainted with each other.

It is quite a challenge to train the Jackshund breed, both its parents are smart and intelligent.

Such dogs excel in all the physical and mental challenges and are an excellent choice for security companies.

You need to rely on positive reinforcement methods and constantly encourage them with rewards and treats.

This will raise his motivation level and the dog will try to work harder next time.

Grooming of a Jackshund

The grooming mainly depends upon the type of inherited coat.

Jackshund Dog

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They may need occasional trimming and daily brushing to keep the fur clean and tangle-free.

You need to brush the puppy’s teeth at least twice a week. Bathing is also recommended every week.

You can use mild shampoo only.

Apart from that, you also need to clean their ears regularly.

Being a pet owner is more like having a baby that needs all the necessary care, grooming, nutrition, training, love, and affection.

Common Personality Traits of Dachshund Jack Russel Mix

It is a playful, intelligent, energetic, and happy breed that everyone loves to play around with.

Dachshund dog

They are innocent, sweet-hearted, and loyal to their owners.

They are hyperactive and you need to engage them in some physical activity all the time.

Diet of Jackshund Breed

Always plan the meals of your dog beforehand to avoid inconvenience.

Such dogs are energetic and generally have greater nutritional demands than other breeds.

But obviously, due to its small size, its expenditures are less than those of medium or large-sized dogs.

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According to a rough estimate, you may need to spend around 50 dollars per month to keep these dogs well-fed and healthy.

It is difficult to predict the choice of a mixed breed but you can get an idea after trying out several different foods.

Dry foods are a good choice for the Jackshund breed.

Can You Travel with A Jackshund Breed?

Jackshund loves the idea of going around and visiting new places in your car.

Such dogs can be excellent traveling companions as far as you have a strong bond with them.

Jackshund has a curious nature and you can utilize this trait to your own advantage.

You need to train and guide him to behave well during the journey.

We have enlisted the common features of dachshund Jack Russel Mix as follows:

  • Type hybrid
  • Lifespan 11 -13 years
  • Height 8 – 16 inches
  • Weight 15 -30 Ibs
  • Maintenance
    • Need regular exercise
    • Minimum grooming
  • Nature
    • Friendly, compassionate, energetic, fun-loving
  • Family/kid-friendly
  • Always stay alert and are suspicious in nature, so make a good watchdog
  • First-time owners may face difficulty in training them

Health Issues of Jackshund Breed

Jackshund is a healthy breed and usually has fewer health issues throughout their lifetime.

Some of its common health issues include intervertebral disc disease, hernia, patellar luxation and may occasionally suffer from deafness and blindness.


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