Jug Dog Facts: Personality, Size and Appearance

Discover the adorable Jug Dog - a charming crossbreed of a Jack Russell Terrier and Pug. Learn more about Jug breed characteristics, care requirements, and health considerations.

The Jug is a type of crossbreed dog that has become popular for over ten years and is also called the Juggle.

The Jug is a crossbreed dog born as a result of crossbreeding a Pug and a Jack Russell terrier.

The Pug is an ancient dog widely known to be a lap dog.

Jack Russell is a fox hunter who appears tireless and developed in Devonshire, England, in the 1800s by a breeder called Jack Russell.

Breeding of dogs was mainly done to retain the best features found in both the Pug and a Jack Russell.

Some features found in a Pug help the Jug curb breathing problems primarily associated with pugs.

This process thus helps in minimizing genetic diseases that can affect purebred dogs.

First, crossbreeds of jugs will acquire maximum genetic benefits, thus having genetic diseases considering that a Jug has one Pug purebred parent and another purebred Jack Russell.

Size and Appearance

The Jug is a stocky-looking dog that looks like a pug but has a longer nose and a rounded skull with a curly tail.

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Black Jug Dog, Pug and Jack Russell Mix

Black Jug Dog Image by NightAddict

Jug appears to be small in size, with fawn or black markings, but some may lack the markings, and also appears to be short in height and weighs about 6-8kgs.

The Jug is an amiable and affectionate dog who seems to be fearless.

A Jug with Jack Russell’s character trait appears to be very good at hunting.

They appear to be very outgoing and energetic, making them an excellent companion in the family.

They require compulsory early training, for they are known to be anxious due to separation.

Jugs are food-driven dogs; thus, some breed members may be lazy and obese due to their large food consumption.

Therefore, Jugs require regular exercise and control of calorie intake to prevent such conditions from happening.

If your Jug has pug-like features, the activities, and the training should not be too strenuous.

Taking your Jug for a walk in the park is perfect, but not when it is warm.


Jugs are known as loving dogs that are a perfect addition to a family, whereby they appear to be very confident and brave but can also be very fierce.

Thus, they need a lot of training to prevent the dog from acquiring aggressive behaviors.

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Jugs get on well with children if they are well-trained early.

Jugs are very loyal dogs, even though sometimes they can be very stubborn.

Jugs are brilliant dogs, thus making it easy to train them, for they can learn quickly and adapt to their surroundings.


Like most dogs, the Jug is also a victim of diseases and health conditions.

These health effects occur due to some character traits passed on to the Jug by the Pug and Jack Russell.

The most common health issue portrayed by the Jug is that it can develop breathing problems.

Even though it appears to have a longer snout than the Pug, it can have difficulties breathing during warm climatic conditions.

The eyes of the Jug can also protrude, which can result in them having eye problems.

The Jug is mainly associated with breathing problems, resulting in excessive snoring.

Still, it can remedy it by performing prophylactic surgery to correct the abnormality in the nose and upper airways.

Jugs suffer complications such as hip dysplasia and patellar luxation, which can be treated but can be very costly.

Securing pet health insurance will be useful during such cases, thus avoiding high veterinary care costs.

The most common infections that can affect a Jug are as follows:

  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Dental disease
  • Breathing problems
  • Deafness
  • Hip dysplasia

Care and grooming

Jugs need proper grooming and maintenance to ensure the safe and healthy growth of the dog; here are ways that one can use to maintain the Jug dog.

The Jug is a straightforward animal to groom and maintain, whereby they only require to be bath occasionally.

A bristle or a slicker brush is used to keep his coat neat.

The brushing of the commonly seen coat can be done once or twice a week to remove dead hair and enable the dog’s natural oils to be distributed evenly.

Jugs that inherit Jack Russell’s rough coat will regularly require brushing the skin, which is done for long durations.

It is also prone to diseases such as dental problems.

Thus, regular tooth brushing is highly recommended, and visiting the dentist ensures that the high breed achieves long, satisfying life.

To ensure that your Jug is groomed perfectly and neatly, you need to regularly groom it to prevent knots and tangles by brushing him daily to make sure its skin and coat retain their perfect condition, thus allowing you to develop a bond with your dog.

You should also complete your pet’s grooming by ensuring that you regularly brush their teeth using a toothbrush and clipping their nails using a nail clipper, and also by checking their ear for dirt and infections.


To achieve a proper diet for your dog, you need a balanced diet rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

One can accomplish this by giving high-quality pet food formulated for small dog breeds to ensure that they get the required vitamins and nutrients.

Jugs consume a lot when they are puppies; thus, they require to be served 3-4 times a day which reduces to two meals a day as the dog gets older.

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The recommended portions depend on your dog, so you will need to consider the age, the level of activity, and his metabolism.

To prevent your Jug from gaining weight, you should ensure that your pet is provided with a balanced diet that is healthy and ensures that he gets enough exercise.

It is also essential to ensure that you feed your dog dry food, for it is prone to tartar build-up on their teeth which may lead to dental problems if regular brushing is not done.

For proper instructions about your pet’s diet, you should consult your vet for appropriate and correct guidance on feeding your dog.


The Jug needs regular exercise; thus, subjecting your dog to at least 45-60 minutes of vigorous activities for this breed is prone to adding unusual weight resulting in conditions such as becoming obese.

This routine needs to be done every day to ensure that the dog is kept fit and healthy.

Although more effective, the exercise is divided into two or three short sessions compared to the full training once a day.

Some Jugs also happen to have shorter muzzles which makes the dog face high risks, leading to them developing problems due to excess heat and warm climatic conditions.

It would be best to consider the weather before undertaking any exercises as it may result in enormous repercussions for the pet’s health.

These exercises should therefore be avoided when it is warm.


A jugs training should immediately start when you get home with your dog.

It is very intelligent, thus making it easy to train, whereby everything you do will directly result in how your dog acts.

To ensure that you raise an obedient and well-trained pet, begin your training early by making sure that you reward your Jug for being able to do the things you teach the dog and also by discouraging them from engaging in irritating behaviors.

To ensure that you gain the best training results from your dog, you should avoid yelling at him or using punishment when they appear not to follow your instructions.

Instead, please treat them with a positive attitude and reward them whenever they portray good behavior.It is also vital for you as a dog owner not to let your feelings get in the way of training your pet, for it can be frustrating sometimes.

These instances are avoided by taking breaks when you get angry to avoid pouring your anger on your pet.

He can develop a sound and deeper relationship with you by using positive reinforcements, for he will always try to please you.It will help if you train your pet in an early age to be around other animals such as livestock and even dogs.

Try to let them experience unfamiliar environments such as car noises and traffic and leave them alone for short periods during training so that they can adapt to being by themselves when the owner is not around.

 Ideal Family Dogs

Jugs are ideal family dogs for they are brave and confident and appear to get on well with children and other pets in the family so long as they are trained from an early age.

If you happen to be looking for a strong-minded companion who is loving and affectionate, then the Jug may be the right breed.

Therefore, most people who argue about getting a Pug or a Jack Russell for a pet end up buying a Jug.