Chug Dog Breed: Crossbreed Facts & Pictures

Discover the playful and loyal Chug dog breed, a popular hybrid cross between a Chihuahua and a Pug. Learn about their characteristics, temperament, and care needs!

Chug is a mixed designer breed dog, a cross between a Chihuahua and a pug.

Their appearance is usually unpredictable, you can never be sure if it will inherit more of the Chihuahua or the pug genes.


Chugs are Loyal, playful, and smart, it is said to have inherited their traits from both parents.

Chug has several other names which are Chihuahua pug mix and pughuahua.

They are a great companion for families since has a playful nature.

It is believed that Chugs have gotten their bold, confident, affectionate, and playful nature from Chihuahuas.

Exploring the Crossbreed Origins of the Chug Dog

Chug Dog Breed, Pug chihuahua mix, pughuahua

Image credit: pino210922

Pug and Chihuahua crosses could be there for centuries but it was not until the first decades of the century that the breeders started intentionally breeding them together.

There is no clear documentation about when or where the first intentional breed was born.

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But it is believed it was in the USA.

Albeit, the chug is a very fresh breed.

Its parents, the Chihuahua, and the pug have a very long history, but their history is still under consideration to know where they came from.

The Chihuahua is said to have come from the middle ages and some believe that Chinese dogs also contributed to the breed.

The Chihuahuas were brought in by tourists who would often take home a dog as a souvenir.

The pug is commonly known as a Chinese dog breed.

The breed came to the shores of Europe during the late 1500s and early 1600s when China began trading with Europe.

About the Chug Dog Parents

A Chihuahua is a small confident and playful dog that loves to give and receive attention.

Chug Dog Mixed Breed dog sitting on the sofa, Chihuahua-pug mix

Image credit: the_chug_zeus

Chihuahuas are bold as they are not afraid to flaunt their great personalities.

A pug is a breed of dog originally from China.

It has a wrinkled short face and a curled tail.

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Pugs are social and great companions to their owners.

Due to the pug’s high sense of humor, they are considered the clown of the canine world.

Chugs can come in many different colors that are common to the pug or Chihuahua colors like black, tan, fawn, brown, white, gold, and bridle.

However, a chug can be seen as the combination of two amazing personalities or characteristics in one.

Exploring the Personality Traits of the Chihuahua-Pug Mix

Chugs have different personalities.

Pughuahua, Chihuahua-pug mix dog, chug

Image credit: winniethecorndog

Their personality can depend on the parent breed they take after.

Although both the Chihuahua and the pug have similar personalities.

The Chihuahua is known for its friendly and fiery but loyal attitude while the pug is known as being a playful goofball.

However, the chug’s personality can be a mix of either parents’ personality or all of the parents’ traits combined.

Chugs are generally intelligent, friendly, playful, and affectionate dogs.

They are known to behave like big dogs, not minding their small stature.

This mix sees themselves as large dogs and as well acts like it.

However, the chug’s high personality is derived from its parent breed as both the chihuahua and the pug have extremely high esteem.

So, your chug can be aggressive towards other bigger dogs.

Also, chugs may inherit the cute appearance of the Chihuahua or they may also inherit the less desirable traits of both parents.

For instance, the chug may get the pug’s propensity for breeding problems or the Chihuahua’s tendency to yap.

They can get possessive like their Chihuahua parent and can sometimes get so attached to one particular member of the family or its owner.

They can even get to the extent of being territorial and guard the person they are attached to if they feel threatened.

Fortunately, you can curb this type of behavior in your chug with some training, to prevent your dog from getting too territorial and scary.

Size and Characteristics of a Chug Dog

Chug is typically a small dog, but how small it is depends on which parent trait it took after.

The pug is said to be about 10-13 inches tall and weighs no more than 14-18 pounds.

The Chihuahua is way smaller than the pug with an average height of 5-8 inches and weighing more than 6-8 pounds.

Therefore you can expect your chug to be either small or not too small depending on the parent trait it takes after.

However, the average height of the Chug is between 7 to 13 inches, and weighed between 10 to 20 pounds.

How Long Do They Live?

According to research, the lifespan of a chug is about 10-15 years while some live longer depending on the dominant parent gene.

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Feeding Your Chug: Maintaining a Healthy Hybrid

Chugs are undeniably prone to obesity.

If the chug takes after the parent pug trait in terms of eating, your chug will enjoy eating.

However, take care not to overfeed them.

Excess weight can cause some health issues like joint problems and breathing difficulties.

So, be careful with your chug.

About a cup of kibble each day splitting it into two servings is OK and it helps prevent overfeeding and bloating.

The chug’s food should be served on a clean dog plate and also enough water.

As the chug grows, its diet will change from puppyhood to adulthood and will continue to change as the dog advances in age.

It is better if you ask your vet for good recommendations for dog food for your dog.

Training Your Chug: Raising a Well-Behaved Pughuahua

This dog mix is super intelligent and always alert, they usually react well to training.

However, they may insist on having things done in their way.

Therefore, chugs can be a little stubborn or a handful when it comes to training.

The chug will be responsive or well-behaved if you train your chug with positive reinforcement techniques and reward them with praise plays, strolling and special treats.

These positive reinforcement techniques will help make it easy to train chugs and it also increases their chances of learning quickly.

20-30 minutes of exercise will be enough.

Keep your dog well-exercised for it to be healthy and well-trained.

Chug Health Concerns

Chugs have some genetic problems.

They are inclined to the same health conditions as their parent breed.

However, some chugs are fortunate to be healthy and escape some of their parents’ breed health conditions.

While some are liable for the health conditions common to their parent breed.

There is a tendency for they will inherit or develop respiratory problems.

The chug’s nose and fur make them susceptible to cold and hot weather.

Some of the health conditions chugs are liable to include; cataracts, cherry eye, hypoglycemia (hypoglycemia is when the blood sugar level of a dog falls too low), and patellar luxation.

So, it is very important to pay close attention to your dog and pay a regular visits to the vet to examine the dog for all-around health of your dog.

Also to avoid a chug with a severe health issue, do not fail to adopt your chug from a reputable breeder who provides proper health clearances.

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Chugs are more lively, energetic, and loving when they are in good health.

To fully enjoy the companion of your chug it is best you keep it in good health condition.

The Chug’s Grooming Needs

Chugs come with short and coarse coats but there can be some exceptions if the long-haired Chihuahua was used for the breeding.

Both parents do shed, especially the pug, a heavy shedder.

Therefore, to keep shedding to a minimum grooming should be done weekly.

To prevent dirt and debris in your dog’s ear, always check their ears daily or you can send them to the veterinary doctor.

Use good soap and shampoo to bathe your dog.

Bathing should be done occasionally.

Dogs’ nails grow very fast, check and trim their nails weekly.

Their teeth should be brushed daily as small breeds of chugs are likely to have dental issues.

Use soft grooming tools that will not be hard on their delicate skin

Creating a Happy Home for Your Chug

Chug can easily adapt to any clean, good, and conducive environment.

It does not require much space due to its small stature, as long as they have access to go outside for urinating, toileting, and playing or strolling.

Generally, a chug is a sweet toy or designer’s dog that can be owned by anyone.

You do not necessarily need a skill or experience with dogs to own a chug.

They are better companions for kids and they can also live with other dogs and animals if they are socializing with them from puppyhood.

It is easy to train and does not occupy much space