Names for Dachshund With Meanings

See a list of names for dachshund with meanings. Each of these names is unique and suitable for your choice of name for your dachshund dog.

Like any other dog, the dachshund breed is known to have three varieties generally based on their coats: wirehaired, smooth, and longhaired.

Dachshund sleeping

The dog costs an average of $1500 to $2500 in the US, and in the UK the price ranges from 1200 to 2000 Euros.

The prices are determined by the size, which is typically differentiated into two, the standard and miniature.

Currently, the dachshunds are ranked as the 13th in popularity of dogs breeds in the United States.

Short-haired dachshund dog

The dachshund dogs are commonly known as sausage dogs or the wiener dog.

Mostly, they are famous due to their longer body complexion and tiny legs, which gives the breed a pleasing shape.

They also vary with gorgeous colors with the difference in the hair length, that is, long and short hair.

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Dachshund breed is more or less identical to their breed of dogs, but they are shorter, a little sweeter, and look cuter.

Such breed’s dog owners are advised to consider the names according to their sex.

Each of these names is unique and suitable for your choice of name for your dachshund dog.

List of Dachshund Names and Their Meaning

1. Weenie

It is more of a comic name, a popularly known name for dachshund dogs.

It is referred to as a short and cute name for your dog.

2. Jeb

It is a shortened name version of Jebediah. It’s more a Hebrew name referring to a beloved friend.

3. Bella 

It’s a twilight fan kind of name.

They are usually used by Italians, having a meaning of beautiful.

4. April

It’s a Latin name, a charming name having a meaning to open. It usually is considered for youthful, energetic pups.

5. Queenie

It is a unique legal name to call your dog.

It is mainly preferred if you have a female dachshund queen in your home.

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6. Atom

The name originated from the Greeks, meaning the indivisible. It is usually used to name dogs with a big heart, even though its meaning is small.

7. Mina

The name originated from Germany, meaning pure love.

It usually is the preferred name used by Dracula lovers, and it’s a good suggestion for dog owners to name their pet.

8. Sebastian

The name originated from the Latin people, which had a meaning of venerable or revered.

9. Darwin 

It is derived from the old English name known as Deorwine, meaning the gifted friend.

Primarily used by the scientists and historians fans, where they found the name was appealing to them.

10 Jazz

It was used by the dog owners who loved music. Moreover, the name is ideal for a dog that loves music and dancing as well.

11. Scout

The old French origin people derived the name. This means listening, and if you have an attentive pet, you have a perfect name for him.

12. Sunshine

It is a perfect name if your dachshund dog is an absolute sunbeam, whereby it is considered a beautiful name to name your pet.

13. Ruby

It is preferred for the dachshund dog owner who considers their pet as a precious gemstone for them.

The name is excellent for your dog. 

14. Reva

It is an Indian-derived name that initially meant rain to the Hindi community.

The name is best for dachshund pappies what mostly love to splash in puddles.

15. Thor

It is commonly used and popularly known by marvel fans.

It is a masculine and strong name for the new dog owner who wants to refer their dog to influential names.

Thor’s name means the Norse god of thunder.

16. Nolan

It is a creative name used by dog owners to name sweet dogs.

It means your dog is a champion.

17. Valentine

The name was derived from a roman saint who made the 14th of February the day of love for the lovers.

If your dachshund is a love bug psycho, then it’s a perfect name for her.

18. Rocco

It is a unique and exciting name commonly used by many dog owners.

Dachshund’s name was after the 14th-century saint on the French soil; this had a meaning of rest.

It is recommended for sleepy dogs. 

19. Axel 

Dog owners popularly used it in the 1800s; it has a meaning of father of peace.

The name sounds modern, though it is used to name the lovely dogs.

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20. Honey

It is a sugary name used for elegant and pretty dogs, commonly used for blonde dachshunds.

It is used primarily also to name pups who love sweet treats by their owners.

21. Lucky

It is an English-originated name.

The name sounds modern and classic for dogs.

It usually is best recommended for dachshund dogs, meaning the fortunate.

22. Romy 

It is a Latin version name that is shortened from rosemary, meaning dew of the sea.

It is considered an acute and gentle name that works typically best for dachshunds’ dogs that love to swim.

23. Edie

It means to strive for wealth, and it is referred to as a short and soft dachshund name since it has a melodic sound and is gentle to mention.

24. Lana 

The name originated from the Gaelic, meaning little rock.

It is an elegant name that is brilliant, more so short of naming your pet.

Picking the Right Name for Your Dachshund

New dachshund owners should keep in mind that they shouldn’t pick a name that you’ll eventually hesitate to use or pronounce.

Also, it is best to avoid anything that sounds like it is more of a command to your dog when training.

Through reading this article, all the dog lovers will learn the many suggestions of names we have provided with their origins and meaning, so don’t be left behind.

Pick your dachshund name now.