Australian Sailor and Dog Rescued After 3 Months Adrift at Sea

Read the incredible story of Australian sailor Timothy Lyndsay Shaddock and his loyal companion Bella, who were rescued after three months adrift at sea by a Mexican tuna boat.

In a remarkable rescue off the coast of Mexico, an Australian sailor named Timothy Lyndsay Shaddock, aged 54, and his loyal companion, Bella the dog, were saved after spending three months adrift at sea on their catamaran, Aloha Toa.

The dramatic rescue took place in the vast Pacific, approximately 1200 miles (1900 kilometers) away from any land, when the crew of a Mexican tuna boat from the Grupomar fleet spotted their distressed vessel.

According to the fishing company, Shaddock and Bella were in a dire situation, lacking proper provisions and shelter.

The tuna boat’s crew immediately rushed to their aid, providing them with much-needed medical attention, food, and hydration.

The heroic efforts of Captain Oscar Meza Oregón and his team ensured the safety of both Shaddock and his furry companion.

The exact date of the rescue and the starting date of Shaddock’s ill-fated voyage were not disclosed by Grupomar.

However, it is known that Shaddock had embarked on a journey from La Paz, Mexico, with the goal of reaching French Polynesia.

Unfortunately, his plans were cut short due to a storm that severely damaged his catamaran, leaving it incapacitated and devoid of functioning electronics.

After the rescue, Shaddock expressed his gratitude and relief, acknowledging the tough ordeal he had endured at sea.

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He revealed that during the arduous three months, their survival had depended on raw fish and rainwater, highlighting the scarcity of resources they faced during their challenging time adrift.

In images shared by Grupomar, Shaddock appeared thin and bearded but generally in good health.

Bella, the brave and resilient dog, was seen relaxing on the fishing boat’s deck, while their damaged catamaran floated nearby without a visible sail.

As the tuna boat carrying the grateful sailor and his furry companion made its way to the port of Manzanillo on the Pacific coast, Antonio Suárez Gutiérrez, the founder and president of Grupomar, commended his crew’s humanity and courage in saving the lives of those in distress.

The rescue serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of those at sea, who risk their lives to assist others in times of need.