Corgi Mixed with Pitbull: Things You Should Know

This hybrid dog was formed when the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the American Pitbull Terrier were crossbred. Learn more!

The Pitbull Corgi mix dog breed is still new.

This hybrid dog was formed when the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the American Pitbull Terrier were crossbred.

Corgi Spinning

It is considered new among designer dogs. It was first bred in the 1990s.

Don’t be shocked when your doggie attracts great attention when you pass by.

Apart from being intelligent, he is loyal and lively. As a result, this canine makes a good family pet.

Corgi Mixed with PitBull 1

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In terms of size, the Corgi Mixed with Pitbull pup is medium. He can live in both a small living space or a large apartment.

Due to the independent and strong-willed nature of his parents, living with this pooch requires some experience.

Therefore, if you are not used to living with an active pup, you will need to reconsider owning a Corgi Pit mix.

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3 Quick Facts About the Corgi Pit Mix Pup

Corgi Mixed with PitBull

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Strong prey drive

Naturally, the Pitbull Corgi Mix pup loves going after prey. Possibly, he inherited this trait from one of his parents.

Therefore, he enjoys chasing after anything he comes across. This includes cars, human beings, or other pups.

When playing with him, he might love running after the ball or holding on to a rope.

It is important to teach your pup from an early age not to go after cars or people. This reduces cases of injuries.

Regular exercise may help reduce his strong prey drive.

Good sense of humor

A Corgi Pit doggie is fun and great being around. He is quite hilarious with how he interacts with various things around him.


He loves fun tricks and playing lots of games with every family member.

This makes him a happy pooch.

Good swimmer

Yes! This amazing canine can also dive into the water.

He can make a good swimmer.

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You should only make sure that he’s not left alone when swimming.

You need to make him comfortable in the water.

Parent Breeds for A Pitbull Corgi Mix Dog

This pup is obtained when two pure breeds are crossbred.

Corgi Mixed with PitBull

Many believe that cross-breeding two pure breed pups helps create offspring with improved features.

This may include an improved immune system that minimizes the chance of infections.

Also, it’s believed that crossbreeds have a longer lifespan.

To understand the features of this pup, we need to look at his parents first.

This canine inherits most traits like temperament and appearance from his parents.

Let’s start with the American Pitbull Terrier parent breed.

American Pitbull Terrier

American Pitbull Terrier

This doggie originates from the UK.

This breed was created around the 1880s. It was mainly used for the bull-baiting sport.

During the creation of this pooch, terrier-type pups were used.

The main aim was to develop a less aggressive doggie.

In the US, this doggie was used for herding cattle and hunting prey. He was moved to the US by early immigrants.

Despite being aggressive, proper training and socialization make the American Pitbull Terrier a good family pet.

This pup is masculine and stands at about 19 inches. His weight ranges between 40 to 70 pounds.

A unique feature of this doggie is his broad head and prominent cheekbones. In addition, he has strong jaws.

The American Pitbull Terrier has round eyes and floppy ears. He also has a short shiny coat.

His coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The origin of this pup dates back to the 1100s when Flemish craftsmen first took him to the UK.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This pup was mainly used for herding cattle.

In terms of size, he is small and sturdy. He stands at 12 inches.

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The pup averagely weighs 30 pounds.

Due to the pup’s wedge-shaped skull, he closely resembles a fox. This also becomes evident through his large, upright ears.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a medium double coat. His undercoat is water-resistant.

In terms of color, this canine can either be red, black, fawn or tan. He might also have some white markings.

As is common with most herding pups, this Corgi is prey-driven. He also loves protecting his territory from other canines.

An attractive feature about this doggie is that he is loyal, sociable, and funny.

This makes a good family companion.

The Corgi Mixed with Pitbull Crossbreed Dog

When crossing two pure breeds, it’s always difficult to predict which of the parents the offspring will resemble more.

In most times, no pure breed can entirely become dominant over the other.

With the Corgi Mixed with Pitbull crossbreed, there exist various features that he inherits from both of the parents.

Corgi Mixed with Pitbull: Temperament

This pup is mostly known to be loving and playful.

Proper training and socialization make Corgi Mixed with Pitbull a good family companion.

This pooch loves being around any family member whether a child or an adult. He is playful and loves making fun of various things around him.

In addition to being a good family pet, the Corgi Pit is highly protective. This makes him a nice guard dog.

This doggie doesn’t inherit the aggressive genes from his American Pitbull Terrier parent. Instead, he is friendly to other dogs and animals.

Despite that, he has a high prey drive just like his Corgi parent. Therefore, you will find him chasing after various creatures in the house.

Apart from that, this doggie doesn’t bark a lot. Your home will be calm and free from noise most of the time.

Size and Appearance of the Corgi Mixed with Pitbull Pup

In most instances, the Corgi Pit mix offspring is medium-sized.

His weight ranges from 30 to 50 pounds and stands at 17 to 19 inches.

This dog has no specific appearance or look. This mostly relies on the features he inherits from his parents.

The pup inherits strength and masculinity features from his Pitbull parent.

Other sharper and more refined features such as a high prey drive are inherited from his Corgi parent.

Coat and Color for A Corgi Mixed with Pitbull Pooch

This canine comes with a short, stiff coat which isn’t difficult to maintain.

His coat needs brushing only once a week. This keeps him neat and attractive.

Cleaning his coat every week helps manage dead and loose hair.

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Sometimes, you will need to brush your pup more than once a week. This mostly happens if he inherits a long, double coat from his Corgi parent.

The Corgi Mixed with Pitbull breed sheds twice a year. Therefore, allergic family members shall greatly be affected.

In terms of coat colors, there exist a lot of variations.

However, most of the pups have white matches instead of one uniform color.

The Exercise Requirements for A Corgi Mixed with Pitbull Doggie

Since this pup is highly active, daily exercise is required.

Taking your dog for a walk twice a day is highly recommended. You should also have fun and playtime with your dog.

A lack of consistent exercise makes this pup dull and bored. He may also get stressed.

If you are not available for your dog during the day, you must hire someone who can take him out.

Training Needs for A Corgi Mixed with Pitbull Dog

Proper training and socialization are of great significance to the Corgi Mixed with Pitbull pup.

Generally, this pup is masculine and strong-willed hence early training is important. This helps control his aggression when he matures.

Since this pup is a great companion, training him is easy.

To enhance the training sessions, including positive reinforcement is key. This keeps your dog motivated.

His concentration during the training will also improve. When your pup does something right, praising him will help increase his confidence.

The Corgi Mixed with Pitbull breed can also get crate trained. You only need to ensure that the crate used matches his size.

Without proper training, this pup can be very destructive. This is very true if left alone for long.

You may find him digging the backyard in search of an escape route when lonely.

Therefore, you should teach your pup how to be patient and calm when you are not around the house.

In addition to his intelligence and bravery, you can teach this dog how to be obedient and agile during training.

How Healthy Is the Corgi Mixed with Pitbull Crossbreed?

As is common with most crossbreeds, the Corgi Mixed with Pitbull pup is generally healthy.

However, some health issues may arise due to the inherited genes from his Pitbull and Corgi parents.

The potential health problems include the following.

  1. Hip Dysplasia
  2. Epilepsy
  3. Degenerative myelopathy
  4. Bloat
  5. Intervertebral disc disease

Health is important towards ensuring that this pup lives for long.

A healthy Corgi Mixed with Pitbull pup can live for up to 14 years.

Diet and Nutrition for A Pitbull Corgi Mix Dog

A quality diet is important for any crossbreed pup.

The Pitbull Corgi mix pup needs a proper diet that matches his exercise requirements.

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A diet with high carb and fat intake could lead to obesity due to increased weight.

You must feed your pup in small portions.

To ensure a proper diet is provided, you should follow the manufacturer guidelines provided in your dog feeds.

Also, you can seek veterinary help regarding the proper diet for your pup.

You should also regulate the treats you give your dog as positive reinforcement. Treats in large quantities may lead to excess weight gain.

Grooming Your Doggie

The Corgi Mixed with Pitbull crossbreed is known to be hypoallergenic.

This pup sheds his coat frequently. However, he has two major shedding periods.

This happens during the winter and fall seasons.

This doggie needs brushing once or twice a week. This can be done using a slicker brush.

During the winter and fall when this pup sheds heavily, daily grooming is necessary.

This is because your floor may accumulate a lot of dog hair.

You must also remember that the Corgi Mixed with Pitbull pup doesn’t require regular bathing. Too much bathing is not good for his skin.

This crossbreed is also sensitive to various conditioning products including shampoos.

He has highly sensitive skin.

3 Pros and Cons of a Corgi Mixed with Pitbull Dog


Lovely family pet

The Corgi Mixed with Pitbull pup is lovable. He is a good family companion and friendly to both adults and children.

His adorable looks and silliness make it fun having him around. He is also cheerful and outgoing.

This pup loves being the center of attention when around the house. He also offers great company to kids due to his playful nature.

Protective instincts

The Corgi Mixed with Pitbull breed makes a good watchdog.

Despite being friendly to familiar people, this pup won’t hesitate to be aggressive to strangers.

He loves guarding the homestead over strangers or other dogs. Therefore, this dog can keep your home safe from intruders.

Friendly to other pets in the house

With proper training on socialization, this doggie is happy being around others pets and animals.

You will rarely see him chasing after other pets.

This pup is less harmful to other animals since he is taught to be respectful.


Demands early and constant training

With his intelligence and brevity, this pup needs an early introduction to training to avoid stubbornness.

Therefore, this crossbreed less suits you if you don’t have enough time for training him.

Also, he doesn’t love being left alone for long.


This pup can cause allergic reactions to his owners. This is due to his frequent shedding.

Cleaning the sheds can also be tedious sometimes.

Crossbreeding Risks

Since this pooch is obtained through crossing two pure parent breeds, the risks of inheriting infections are high.

Sometimes, infections can be passed from parent to offspring hence are difficult to treat.

It’s important to check out the parent history for a pup before buying one.

Rescues and Shelters for A Corgi Mixed with Pitbull Doggie

Raising and training a Corgi Pit mix pup is not easy.

However, there exists the option of taking your pup to a rescue center so that it can receive the necessary care and training.

It is good to remember that not all dogs found at rescue centers have good features.

You need to evaluate a dog’s temperament and trainability before adopting him from the rescue center.

An alternative solution for such a problem is adopting a dog on a trial basis.

Here, you will have the time to evaluate a dog’s temperament and training capabilities before adopting him.

This could take a few weeks to a month.

If you are not satisfied with the canine’s behavior, you can return him to the rescue center.

However, if his behavior suits you, it’s possible to buy and adopt him.

Final Remark

The Corgi Mixed with Pitbull pup is jovial, loyal, and fun to keep.

He forms a good family companion. He also loves attention.

If you don’t mind, this canine could be your dream dog since he barks less often.

He is friendly to other pets and forms a great watchdog.

However, you should take caution of his shedding tendencies. He might easily cause allergic reactions to a family member.

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He also requires regular grooming during shedding.

With the informative aspect of this article, you can now make your decision about owning a Corgi Pit mix pup.

The best of luck as you chose your next funny companion!


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