Pit bull Dog Found After Six Years Thanks to Microchip

Lost pit bull Chief found after 6 years! Animal shelter workers tracked down owner Tara Hillis using Chief's microchip.

Imagine losing your beloved pet, and despite searching for years, you start to lose hope of ever seeing them again.

That’s exactly what happened to Tara Hillis from Georgia when her pit bull, Chief, disappeared from her home in 2017 when he was just over a year old.

She thought she might never reunite with him.

Fast forward to the present, six years later, a couple found Chief wandering alone in West Virginia, several states away from his home.

They took him to an animal shelter, where the workers scanned him for a microchip. Thankfully, they found one and used it to contact Chief’s owner, Tara.

When Tara received the unbelievable news that Chief had been found, she was filled with shock and overwhelming joy.

She couldn’t believe that after all this time, she might finally get to see her furry friend again.

The shelter staff has generously offered to help Chief make the long journey back to Georgia to reunite with Tara.

It’s going to be an emotional and heartwarming moment for both of them.

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Tara is hopeful that Chief still remembers her and the love they shared.

The story of Chief’s incredible adventure from Georgia to West Virginia and back to his owner has touched the hearts of many people.

Key Points:

  • Chief, a pit bull, went missing from his owner, Tara Hillis, in Georgia in 2017.
  • After six years, Chief was found wandering alone in Wayne County, West Virginia.
  • He was taken to an animal shelter where workers scanned him for a microchip.
  • Using the microchip, the shelter contacted Tara and informed her about Chief’s discovery.
  • Tara was overjoyed and shocked to hear the news.
  • The shelter arranged for Chief to be reunited with Tara by driving him halfway to Georgia.
  • Tara hopes that Chief will remember her.
  • The heartwarming story of Chief’s incredible journey has touched many hearts.
  • The reunion between Tara and Chief is expected to be emotional and joyous.