Maltipoo Dog Breed Information & Personality

Maltipoos are not choosy of their environment because they tend to only yearn for love and affection from their owners. Learn more!

The parent breeds, the Maltese and the Poodle are non-shedders.

People who breed Maltipoos normally do so, hoping to have hypoallergenic dogs.

They, therefore, make a good choice for a first-time pet owner who appears to be a timid dog lover.

Maltipoo Dog Breed

The breed is full of love and affection when it comes to their family, and therefore, they should be indoors most of the time, not inside kennels or outside the house.

They are active, fun-loving dogs who have won the hearts of many pet lovers who enjoy their cuddly nature and need for companionship.

They are excellent watchdogs who can bark in any situation to alert their owners.

Although they require a lot of training, they cannot tell what’s important to bark at and what is not.

This feature is not ideal when it comes to noise-sensitive people.

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The size of a Maltipoo varies depending on the parent Poodle, whether it is a toy or a miniature, but, in general, most are 8-14 inches tall and weigh about 5-20 pounds.

They possess a variety of colors, even though the most common ones are cream, white, and silver when it comes to their color.

If you want to become an owner, you need to be affectionate, for they love cuddling.

It would be best if you engage your pet in exercises by subjecting him to physical activities daily, such as a good walk around the yard or a game of fetch.


Maltipoo appears to be a loving dog that can learn and adjust to any environment when subjected to regular daily exercises lasting 10-15 minutes.

However, they do not appear to be choosy of their environment because they tend to only yearn for love and affection from their owners.

Maltipoo Dog Breed with a toy

They make amiable family pets for they are fun to be around and afford fantastic therapy dogs for they are known to enjoy human companionship, making them excellent friends.

They are outstanding for children because of their nagging behavior and tendency to cuddle for a long time which is 5-6 hours.

They are excellent watchdogs. They can bark when they see anything unusual, although they can be very noisy.

Moreover, they make an ideal pet because they need to be loved, whereby they can effect love to affection to even children, the old, and even single people.

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They are brilliant dogs, whereby you will find it very easy to train and can adjust to any environment of your liking so long as you can show them love and affection.

They are susceptible and hate to be confined in kennels or cages, for they are famous for their passion for being around people and their families.

Maltipoos require loving people, for they always expect to be praised and given rewards such as food during training, which contributes to a happy, active, and energetic pet.


This dog breed can face adverse health just like any other dog.

It needs a lot of attention and care.

As a dog owner, you need to ensure that you visit the vet for checkups to ensure that your dog is safe from health conditions such as the following;

  • White Shaker Syndrome
  • Epilepsy
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Portosystemic Shunt
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Legg-Calve_Perthes Disease
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Colitis
  • Collapsing Trachea
  • Tiny Mouth Syndrome


To have a healthy and energetic pet, you must feed him high-quality dog food daily.

The amount of food to give your Maltipoo depends on his age, size, and metabolism, although the recommended amount is 5/8- 1.5 cups of food.

It would be best to keep your dog in shape by ensuring that you measure the amount of food to give him and by feeding him twice a day and not by providing the entire meal once.

It ensures that your pet does not suffer health effects such as obesity and adding weight.


For a Maltipoo to remain healthy, he needs moderate exercise regularly.

A perfect routine is 10-25 minutes of exercise every day.

It can be done whenever you perform your chores, for he is content to follow you everywhere, thus acting as an exercise.

You can also decide to walk him around the yard and take him along when running errands.

Exercising should not be stressful, for it can also run along apartment corridors to stretch its legs and muscles.


The training of a Maltipoo mainly occurs inside the house whenever they spend time with family members.

It is because they can quickly learn from their environment.

Thus, they can adjust to the living conditions of their owner.

Training is extremely, for they are courageous and intelligent dogs.

It should start early, from when it is still a puppy, so it can get along well with children without hurting them and everybody in the family without being a nuisance.

They bark a lot to alert their owners in case of anything, so they must be trained on what is crucial and note things that are not important to bark, so they do not make a lot of noise, especially those living inside apartments.

But unfortunately, he is good at making noises and becoming a nuisance, especially for people living in apartments.

You need to train them regularly because they are very energetic dogs who can get vigorous and wild whenever they are bored or left alone, even for a few minutes.

It ensures that they do not get very clingy when you go for bathroom breaks or when you require some time alone.

During training, you must be attentive because Maltipoos appear to be very sensitive dogs and need all your attention.

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It helps to know when the dog is tired and needs to rest.

It is also best to reward him with gifts and praise him whenever your pet does well in training.

Therefore, you must maintain a positive attitude when training this dog.


The coat of a Maltipoo appears to be fluffy and soft with a wool-like texture, and its ability to shade is low.

Although they are low-shedding for their fur, they need daily brushing to ensure that their skin is clean and free of mites.

The head needs to be trimmed monthly, but they generally need clipping twice a year to keep him calm and tidy.

Cleaning should be done monthly, ensuring his coat remains soft and clean.

It is done by providing that you bathe him and trim his hair around his eyes to make him neat.

You should also clean his ears because they are bound to trap dirt, debris, and moisture, leading to ear infections if ignored.

It would be best if you were also keen on his dental care by brushing his teeth twice a week to remove bacteria and tartar, which is the buildup on his teeth after feeding.

It is to prevent him from getting cavities or other dental problems.

Trim his nails twice a month or whenever you feel they have become too long.

You can notice this by monitoring the floor, for they are bound to scratch it when their nails are too long.

Trimming his nails will ensure you are safe whenever they jump on you to greet you or when they need cuddling.

It also helps their feet remain in good condition and safe from injuries.

Start grooming the Maltipoo at puppyhood to get used to it.

Ensure they are comfortable when you handle his paws and check his mouth and ears.

Veterinary examinations become easy to take if you make cleaning a positive experience for your pet which is quickly done by praising him and giving him rewards.

Very Social With People and Children

When it comes to a mixed-breed dog that can show you love and affection, Maltipoos should be your first choice to consider as a pet.

They are very social with people and children, although they require training from when it is a puppy to interact well with them without hurting the children.

They make amiable therapy dogs for people in their old age who need companionship and even single people who live alone and tend to get bored.

They are famous in North America and are most likely to be seen with celebrity figures.

They do not shed much fur, thus, making them remain neat and not messy around the house.

They are very loyal dogs who obey and trust their owners.

Because of this trait, most people find having a Maltipoo as a pet easy.

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Therefore, it comes with many benefits, for it is a very intelligent dog who can provide good help to people’s lives.