Mal-shi Dog Breed Personality, Training, Diet, and Grooming

Mal-shis are very active and outgoing, but some can be calm and quiet. They are widely known for its ability to show love to its owner.

Like other dog breeds, Mal-shi(Maltese Shih Tzu) was created to develop a dog suitable for people who needed certain features from a dog and disliked certain features.

They decided to create a small, friendly dog and a good companion.

It also does not shed much and thus does not affect people with dog allergies.

It is also known as the Malt-Tzu, originating from crossing the Maltese and Shih Tzu breed of dogs.

Mal-shi Dog laying on the sofa

By doing this, they created a hybrid that likes to play with good and appears to be an excellent lap dog.

The Mal-shi’s development began in 1990 to create a companion dog that did not shed much, thus making it such a lovable and adorable dog.

The breed is a trendy dog among pet owners in Australia, although its popularity over the years has spread to countries such as North America and other countries.

When it comes to the Mal-shi, there is no specific size for this breed, although most of them appear to weigh about 6-12 pounds with a height of about 10 inches.

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A Mal-shi is a very active and outgoing dog.

It can adapt very quickly to its environment.

It can be carried around like a baby, making an excellent lap dog.

If you train your pet always to roam around, he will also adapt to not being pampered and begin getting used to his surroundings.

Especially if it is a busy home, the Mal-shi will appear very quiet and reserved if the homeowners are calm.

Mal-shis require daily exercises and are very good at walking around the owner’s yard or the park.

They are also very good at alerting their owners as they bark, although making minimal barks makes excellent watchdogs.

He makes a perfect companion to children and families for they are very loving and gentle, thus attracting the attention of both children and the elders in the family and first-time owners.

The dog’s size makes him a very suitable dog for people residing in apartments.

However, they prefer having a yard where they can enjoy themselves outdoors and exercise.

Therefore, taking your Mal-shi to a puppy kindergarten class for training and exercises is essential.

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In addition, it would be best to invite visitors more often when the dog is around for him to be better at socializing.

Take strolls with your pet around public places, supermarkets, busy roads, and parks to improve his skills when it comes to socializing.


According to some owners, the dog appears to be a brilliant pet who can quickly adapt to its surroundings.

They are very active and outgoing, but some can be calm and quiet.

The Mal-shi values his owner’s company and the family more than anything, so they are very loyal dogs, for they always prefer to be in the company of their family.

The breed appears to be a thrilled dog who is always ready to play or engage in many fun activities, although they are very curious, which may lead them into trouble.

The dog breed needs training from an early age to prevent him from being timid and appear to be a well-rounded dog when the puppy becomes fully grown.

The Mal-shi dog breed is widely known for its ability to show love and appreciation to its owner.

Therefore, it helps many people from experiencing loneliness, for it is always a joy to be around him because he can be very active whenever you need to play with him.

Moreover, it helps a lot of people to be able to develop a strong bond with them hence making them forget their daily problems, for his ability to be affectionate brings them closer.


Like any other dog breed, they experience many health problems, whereby some are related to breeding where both parents can pass on genes prone to diseases.

Here are some of the health conditions that are associated with the Mal-shi:

  • Hybrid Vigor
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Patellar Luxation
  • White shaker syndrome


A Mal-shi requires exercises that should be done daily but can be done by walking him around your yard or the neighborhood as a leisure activity.

Another form of exercise is engaging him in fun activities such as fetch games around the yard.

The exercise should take about 10-15 minutes daily to prevent your pet from getting bored.

Also, they do well in homes with yards to find space to roam around.

However, they most definitely require homes with air-conditioning, for they may suffer from respiratory problems when subjected to hot and humid conditions.


Mal-shis are excellent dogs for training because it is easier for them to be very eager to learn and appear to be brilliant dogs, thus making them an excellent choice for first-time dog owners.

In addition, training your pet to socialize is crucial since they are welcoming dogs for receiving visitors.

A Mal-shi should be subjected to crate training from an early age to prevent him from causing accidents inside the house or being in places he is not required to be.

This training is convenient because the dog will also get used to napping in the crate, thus avoiding crossing roads with people inside the house.

It also helps your pet not be hot-headed whenever he needs to be hospitalized or confined.

The breed should not be confined in a crate for a long time, for he is a people’s dog and will get bored and frustrated if he stays too long without being around people.

Therefore, it is recommended that he stays for a few hours then you can release him.


The dog will require a ¼ to ½ cup of high-quality dry food.

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It would be best to feed your dog twice a day rather than giving him the food once a day.

Subjecting him to eat the food at once will lead to an abnormal increment in your pet’s weight, which is harmful to his health as he may become obese.

Therefore, you should measure his food depending on his age, size and metabolism, and ability to be active.

The quality of food you should provide your dog is also paramount as it contributes to your dog’s nourishment.

To avoid your dog from becoming obese, you should check by consistently placing your thumbs slightly along his spine to gauge whether you feel his ribs or not.

If not, this indicates that your dog has gained weight and thus requires more exercise to lose the added weight.


The Mal-shi’s coat must be brushed daily to remove mats and ensure that the tangles are kept out. In addition, you, as the owner, should regularly bathe your pet, ensuring that the coat remains silky and soft.

To make grooming more manageable, you must clip and brush him for at least a week and ensure that he is clipped every 6-9 weeks.

It would help if you also brushed your pet’s teeth daily to ensure that the tartar and the bacteria on his teeth are removed to prevent the dog from having gum diseases and even bad breath.

To prevent your dog from feeling pain due to longer nails, you should trim his nails twice a month to prevent him from hurting himself or other people around him with the long nails.

Grooming entails checking his ears for redness or any odor which may indicate ear infection so that you clean them before the ears get infected.

The breed tends to develop tear stains under its eyes.

So they require tearstain removers to ensure that they are treated to keep the area around their eyes always clean to avoid infections and conditions such as blocked vision from happening to your dog.

Mal-shi is an excellent family dog because he knows how to dwell well around people of all ages and make them feel comfortable in their homes.

Furthermore, it appears to be an excellent family dog, for he knows how to respond well to children and show love and affection to the family.

Also preferred a loyal dog to his owner, which is always available for his owner in times of need, especially regarding companionship. First dog owners should therefore consider buying or adopting a Mal-shi, for they are lovable pets who can portray love and affection in the best way possible.

On top of this, Mal-shis are low shedders. Therefore, they are not messy animals when leaving fur on your clothes as an owner.

This condition is preferred by most people nowadays as their pet of choice in Australia and North America.