Lurcher Breed Information, Personality, and Grooming

Lurchers love to be outdoors, and apart from being a hunter, they also love to be around people. Learn more!

Lurcher was developed in England by the Mouchers, Romanichals, and some British during an era in which hunting was very sacred and was only reserved for the landed classes who participated in the hunting games.

The development of this breed began in the 14th and the 15th century when the government began restricting ownership of sighthounds.

This breed is said to have a life expectancy of 12-15 years.

The breed was introduced to bring about great tenacity and robust scenting ability and increase the dog’s intelligence level.

A Lurcher is a crossbreed of a Greyhound and any working dog, especially a Terrier or a Collie.

It was known initially as the poacher’s dog, for it was primarily bred because of its speed, ability to hunt very well, and a knowledgeable dog.

Lurcher dog breed

However, the most valued talent was his ability to hunt silently; therefore, they became precious dogs to hunters and poachers, for they never gave a voice while hunting as it moved in silence.

Normally, the breed is known as a dog that is good for hunting.

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However, these days, it is primarily used in dog sports such as lure crossing, whereby they can control their abilities to the maximum without being limited.

This dog breed loves to be outdoors, and apart from being a hunter, it is also a very social animal who loves to be around people.

Therefore, you should consider confining your home with a fence over 6 feet to jump very high.

The barriers should also not protect the dog from having a vision of what is happening outside the barrier.

Brindle Lurcher dog breed

Nowadays Lurchers are being bred according to the owners’ interests, who most require them for agility competitions.

They are only standard in Great Britain where such dog sports a present.

The dog appears 24 inches in height and weighs about 40-50 pounds, whereas the coat appears to be short and harsh with a long, thin, and tapering tail.

There is no particular set type for Lurchers, for they are crossbreeds.

The requirements to upkeep their coats also depend on the cross-type used in crossbreeding.

Generally, Lurchers are good pets, although the owners need to subject them to exercise every day, for they do not like to be left behind.

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However, if you happen to be a working person, you will need to opt for solutions such as taking your pet to doggie daycare so that he can acquire enough exercise until you get home in the evening.

Lurchers with Hairy and rough coats often result when a Collie is crossed with a terrier, which is often very active and intelligent.

Those with smooth coats develop features like the Greyhound, are more likely to lay back, and do not always appear lazy.

Also, they are very quick at adapting to being domesticated as pets, and they learn to enjoy the good things in life very quickly, so they make excellent pets.


Lurchers are not very suitable dogs around cats, for they are usually known for chasing furry animals, so they may begin chasing a cat whenever they see one.

They appear to be excellent companions, for they enjoy being around the company.

They are very suitable for active homes but can appear lazy if they do not get enough exercise.

The breed prefers warm and comfortable areas inside the house, most likely on the bed or a sofa.

Lurchers disgust being left alone and require their owner to be constantly available, so it tends to develop great respect for their owner.

They are also very loyal dogs as they develop a powerful bond with their owners because they always spend time with their owners during dog training and exercises.

Moreover, they are sight hounds likely to chase furry animals like rabbits; if they come from a working background, they are more likely to be trained to hunt.

Therefore should be kept on a leash outdoors unless the owner is sure about having total control and respect from the dog, which comes in handy when the dog is commanded to return.

He is bound to please his owner if subjected to proper training, and when he is treated with love and affection, he will also be able to respond well to the company of other pets.

A Lurcher is said to be a dog that is good with children and knows how to be gentle and show love and affection; on top of that, he appears to be a very loyal dog that makes an exceptional family dog.

Moreover, they are of much value because of their ability to develop scents when hunting, which helps hunters locate their prey very fast.

Their ability to run fast makes them easily chase animals like rabbits during hunting games.

They can provide fun experiences for hunters during such activities.

They are such a sport because they are very wild when it comes to hunting, although nowadays it is mainly limited to games like fetch; it is a very reliable dog for companionship.


The Lurcher is prone to face health effects like any other dog whereby one requires visiting a professional veterinarian to be for him to be checked and given the proper diagnosis and care.

Here are some of the possible health effects:

  • Gastric torsion
  • Torn toenails
  • Foot or muscle injuries
  • Heat stroke or heat exhaustion
  • Gastric Dilation Volvulus
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Dental disease


Lurchers need a lot of training, so it is recommended that you subject your dog to regular weekly classes where you should accompany him each week starting from basic training.

Ensure that your pet learns to respect you and that an excellent bond is developed between you two.

Taking your pet to regular training also sorts out problems such as teething which is possible during regular classes.

However, when it comes to behavior, they are not recommended since they tend to deny the dog the ability to socialize and bond with the owner or other dogs.


Lurchers require much more exercise than Greyhounds, for they have a lot of stamina, but this depends on the type of cross.

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They require a walk daily despite any climatic changes; the owner needs to spend a lot of time exercising them.

The amount of exercise will depend on the dog’s age and conditions, such as increasing weight.

When it comes to training, there is no exception, for they enjoy attending training classes, so this is highly recommended.


Lurchers appear to have a single layer of hair, meaning their coats are not made up of fur but hair.

They have a short hair coat that requires regular brushing to ensure that the coat is always kept clean, and the hair that was about to come off can be controlled before it shades off and clogs your vacuum cleaner.

In case they have long and short hair, both brushed regularly, for some shed their fur constantly, whereas some do not shed them often.

More so, they need a safe space and environment to run so that it does not get into car accidents, for they are known for their speed whenever they start chasing another animal, for it is extremely fast when it comes to chasing games.

The nails tend to be very long; therefore, they need clipping to prevent them from hurting themselves or having torn toenails, which may cause an injury to the dog.

It is also prone to getting dental infections, so it is better to regularly brush his teeth with a toothbrush to remove food particles, which may later decay and cause dental problems.

You should also ensure that you bathe your Lurcher at least once or twice a week to remove hair that will come off, keeping the dog clean and fresh to prevent the dog from getting a lousy odor.

Teachers can also be prone to ear infections, so their years need to be checked regularly in case of infections so they can be clean before the dirt forms bacteria that could affect the dog’s ear.

Loyal and Fun Dogs

Lurchers are very loyal and fun dogs that know how to show affection and love.

They are obedient dogs who respond well to their masters when given orders.

They are also very good at hunting rabbits and can act swiftly, and are also very fast.

This breed is good at taking commands and using them to send messages and deliver them without hesitation, so they appear to be very loyal to their masters.

Also, they are perfect for families that spend time outdoors to exploit their potential fully.

They are very amiable dogs for companionships and therefore very suitable as family dogs.