8 Amazing Superfoods for Dogs

Dogs can benefit a lot from nutrient-packed but calorie foods. Indeed, those are superfoods. They offer extra-special health benefits.

Dogs can benefit a lot from nutrient-packed but calorie foods. Indeed, those are superfoods. In the right proportions, they offer extra-special health benefits.

And the superfoods are cheap and readily available. Kales, berries, and sweet potatoes – who can’t afford them?

rabbit eating kale

Look, give a dog more energy and good health by feeding him with these kinds of foods. Beyond the health benefits, superfoods are easy to integrate into the diet.

Just gradually introduce the in the diet. However, check with the vet first. 

Here are some Superfood for dogs:


Vitamins – A, E, and C, make kales a supercharged food. Besides, antioxidants fight free radicals. Amazingly, kales can detoxify the liver. 

But wait; these green veggies are great for the heart and prevents inflammation.

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However, go slow for dogs with a bladder stone.

Dogs also benefit from a plethora of minerals.



Blueberries are small but don’t underestimate the level of nutrients.

Dietary fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals – dogs get all the nutrients. 

By now, it’s clear that blueberries are nutritious. However, what makes them superb is their small size. Actually, that size makes them ideal for dog treats.

But wait!

Give these nutrient-packed berries to dogs in small amounts. Otherwise, it can negatively affect the bowel movement of the dog. 



Seaweed regulates metabolism in dogs. It works on fats, improving their metabolism thanks to sterol. 

Besides, it modulates immune functions and anti-tumor response.

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What makes Nori a superfood for dogs? 

There is a perfect combination of protein, soluble fiber galactans, vitamins C, E, and B. Moreover, it has minerals zinc and copper. 

But dog owners should buy seaweed with low sodium amounts. 



Quinoa is a staple superfood for vegans. It supplies complete proteins, i.e., eight of the essential amino acids. 

Beyond proteins, quinoa offers fiber, folate, minerals, and many phytochemicals.

Also, quinoa is a potent antioxidant and can reduce the risk of diabetes in dogs.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Thanks to the abundance of beta-carotene and incredibly high amounts of antioxidants, sweet potatoes are great for dogs.

Besides, the high amounts of healthy vitamin A and vitamin C, ensure proper functioning immunity. 

Turmeric & Ginger


Turmeric and ginger are great seasoning products. For dogs, use just a little. Sprinkle the powder on the food, then wait for results. 

Fight inflammation and cancer in dogs with these spices. Also, boost dogs’ digestion potential, with a little ginger.

Here is why:

Ginger prevents gastric dilatation and volvulus. Also, it stimulates stomach motility and fastens stomach emptying time.  



Apples are great at cleaning a dog’s teeth. However, they pack lots of nutrients. 

For instance, it has antioxidants and soluble fibers, necessary for the dog’s health.

However, dog owners should remove apple seeds before dishing Apples to dogs. The seeds have toxic cyanide, which may result in death. Besides, seeds are a potential choking hazard.

Purple Cabbage

Purple Cabbage

Beyond the beauty, Purple cabbage packs lots of nutrients. Notable, it is rich in antioxidants. Thus, it aids in the process of digestion and fights cancer. Besides, it is good for the skin. 

Dog owners should introduce cabbage gradually to dogs as it causes gas. Sprinkle a little chopped purple cabbage on the dog’s food.

These foods are cheap, readily available, and easy to use. Any dog owner can purchase them and give them to their dogs.


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