8 Tips on How to Take Care of a Dog

Like any relationships, getting yourself a pooch demands a mutual treatment. That means, while your little one provides you love and companionship, you are expected to take care of his essentials. Weary Panda provides you with these eight tips on how to take care of a dog.

Picture this. As you open your door when you come home from work, this cute little creature comes rushing towards you with tail wagging in excitement and all ready to fill you with his wits and kisses – relieving you from all stress possible. What a thought, isn’t it? But being a dog parent isn’t always as easy as ABC as becoming one imposes a responsibility for you. And that’s knowing the best ways possible on how to take care of a dog.



A man’s best friend – there is clearly no doubt how dogs can be the best companion anyone could ever have. As for me, they could be one of the creatures with the realest and most genuine feelings who, in their littlest life span, sees you as their whole life. But again, adopting your own pet is a commitment that you would responsibly live with. And that commitment starts by learning how to best nurture these companions.

How to take care of a dog


Dog with Vet

Like any relationships, getting yourself a pooch demands a mutual treatment. That means, while your little one provides you love and companionship, you are expected to take care of his essentials. These are shelter, food, health care and even grooming. But no worries, taking care of your dog can be a very exciting and fulfilling task for any dog parent.

  • Naming Game – First things first. Head to the nearest pet shop and get yourself your very own pet. Then, bless your pet with a name that you would want to speak on loop. Once you’ve figured out a name for your dog, get him a dog tag. It may have his name in front and your details at the back. There are many instances where dogs might get lost while playing with his troop in the park. With a dog tag, he’ll be recognized by anyone who’ll get hold of him. They’ll be able to send him back home through the contact details you’ve provided.
  • Legalities  – Like a child adoption, there are local laws which you may need to consider once you get a pooch. For this matter, you may always check on your local community or inquire from any animal shelters within your location. By licensing your dog, there is a bigger chance that you’ll surely get him back in the event that he might lose his way home. This license will be attached to his collar. Another advantage of licensing too is that it helps promote rabies vaccination. This is also another responsibility for you as a dog parent to take care of.
  • Veterinary visitsConsidering that your dog may not have such a lengthy lifespan, it’s always best to keep him healthy by ensuring a regularCorgi Dogvisit at the veterinary clinic. Doing so would also remind you that you’re pet also needs vaccination and other medical concerns. This way, you’ll get to spend more time with your best companion possible.
  • Training classesThis is not really a requisite but enrolling your pets to training classes can serve mutual benefits for both the pooch and the owner. With this, provide positive training to make sure that your dog observes the right behavior. This would enhance your experience as well as a dog parent. You may also opt to look at training videos for free and train your pet from home. This might take a lot of time and practice for you to fully see how humane your pets can get.
  • Grooming – Dogs can get really playful at times and most of it, gets them into such mess. And while we don’t really want to see them soaked with mud, they are naturally unable to stay as clean at all times. Some of your pets may not get muddy messy. A haircut might be needed for you to still see those dreamy eyes. As the owner, you may need to bathe your pet regularly. At least once a month if he has the normal skin. You may also set a regular schedule at the Animal parlor to get your baby some pampering session.
  • Exercise – Take this as a time to see the world with your pet. Like humans, dogs also need to do their exercises. For example, walking him to the park for 30 minutes every day or taking him for a morning jog with you. This is a good consideration especially if you are working and most of the time, your pet stay inside your home.
  • Food – depending on the breed of your pooch, you must consider providing him food considering his needed diet. Although they can be eager eaters, you always have to be mindful of what you are feeding your pet and of its frequency. In addition, you must know what should not be fed to them, for example, chocolates.
  • Supplies – Another consideration but never an essential – spoil your babies with supplies such as toys, clothing, or even brushes. If you are someone who travels often, a carrier would be a very good supply to get your dog. This way you can bring him comfortably anywhere with you.

Dogs can keep your heart happy and healthy

Girl pet a dog

Studies say that dogs can improve your heart’s condition as it keeps it happy and healthy. In fact another study shows that having a canine companion helps improve blood pressure and thus, improving one’s cardiovascular health. In addition, getting one may also improve your social life as there is a growing community of dog owners out there who would love to connect with other pet parents. And most importantly, having a dog pet may decrease the chances of depression as surprisingly, dogs always have their way of boosting up our mood and comforting us when we’re feeling sad.

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And though it may sound as if it imposes such big responsibility to take care of pooches, it is with no doubt that getting yourself a dog is still one of the best decisions one can ever make in life.


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