Goldador (Golden Lab Mix) Facts

Learn the unique qualities of the Goldador, a mixed breed combining the intelligence of the Golden Retriever and the versatility of the Labrador. Known as the golden lab mix

A Goldador is a mix between a Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever commonly referred to as the lab.

They are bred for their skills in search and rescue as well as bomb detection making them popular, affectionate, sociable and easily trainable working dogs.

Known for their intelligence and eagerness to please Goldadors are active. Require stimulation.

They thrive in family settings. They are best suited for households where they receive the time and attention they need as family companions Goldadors get along well with children and other pets.

You or your kids can exercise together with the Goldador.

Outside with other dogs, the Goldador is friendly and playful.

This is a good choice for those who already have other pets in the house.

A house with a fence is an ideal home for the Goldador.

But it can do well in an apartment if you can make out time for them to get enough exercise.

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Golden Lab Mix dog laying on the floor

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Goldador Parent breeds

To fully understand the Goldador let’s take a look into the parent breed.

The golden retrievers are sporting dogs bred to retrieve ducks, game, and other birds while hunting.

They usually have a soft mouth that allows them to retrieve without damaging their hunter’s game.

Besides being a dog for hunting, people also use them as service and therapy dogs, sniffer dogs, and search and rescue dogs.

They are intelligent, eager to please, energetic, and incredibly sweet.

The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world.

They are active dogs, and like the golden retriever, they were initially bred as hunting dogs to retrieve ducks and assist fishermen.

Their shorter coats make them ideal in the cold Canadian winters as they could swim in the water without too much of their fur turning to ice.

The Labrador retriever is eager to please, outgoing, and needs lots of structure, training, and physical activities.

As the golden retriever, people also use the Labrador retrievers as service and working dogs.


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Golden Lab Mix dog laying on the chair in the sun

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History of the Goldador 

The Goldador retriever does not have a long history, and there is no specific record of Goldador origins.

They were first developed a little more than a decade ago.

The two parents’ breeds were crossed to create a loving, working, and sensitive dog.

The outcome of the creation was good.

Organizations like guide dogs for the blind, that train guide and assistance dogs often use these dogs.

However, these dogs have been mixed for a long time at least informally.

The Goldador is yet to gain popularity as other mixed-breed dogs.

But it is steadily growing in popularity, especially in the service dog world.

As they have a very keen nose and are extremely attuned to their handlers.

Goldador (Golden Lab Mix) dog sitting on the floor

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Goldador appearance

Like any other mixed-breed dog, the appearance of the Goldador is unpredictable.

They may come out looking more like a golden retriever or a Labrador retriever.

If the Goldador should closely look like their Labrador parent, then they may be born with black, yellow, or chocolate coats.

Or they may inherit the golden coat of the golden retriever.

Generally, their coat could be any color depending on the parent dominant gene or both mixed.

They measure about 54 to 60 centimeters tall at the top of the withers.

Males can be quite a bit bulkier than females.

And weighs between 30 to 38kg, the females tipping the scales at 27 to 32 kg.

The head is broad with a defined stop and a strong muscle.

The ears are medium in size, wide at the base, and hang flat to the head.

Goldador personality

Both parent breeds share the same personality; eager to please, easy to train, devoted to their families, hardworking, gentle, and affectionate.

The Goldador inherits these traits as well.

They make excellent service dogs, therapy dogs, watchdogs, search and rescue dogs, and sniffing dogs.

They love children and get along with other animals especially when they are raised with them from puppyhood.

Very playful and fun, always doing things with a cheeky canine smile on their face.

Goldadors craves human companionship and thinks of himself as more than just a family pet.

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Energy level

A golden retriever is a high-energy working dog with a need to stay busy and mentally stimulated.

As both parent breeds are working dogs, the Goldador requires lots of walks and mental stimulation.

About 1 to 2 hours of exercise per day including runs, walks, and any other physical exercise to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Goldador Lifespan

The Goldador is a healthy dog with an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years based on the average lifespan of the parent breeds.

This gives you more time to spend with them.

However, to make sure your Goldador lives a long and healthy life, a regular visit to a veterinary doctor, a healthy diet, and the right amount of exercise is a must.


The Goldadors are generally healthy by nature.

You will need to ensure they have a healthy lifestyle for them to stay that way.

While feeding your dog, make sure that their nutrition is up to standard.

They are active dogs and will require kibble made from high-grade ingredients.

The best choice of food for your Goldador is protein, rich and dry foods, with a small percentage of fillers fortified with healthy fats and vitamins.

Health issues

Goldadors are prone to inherit some health issues from their parents.

They can inherit any of the health issues associated with Labrador or golden retriever dog breeds.

Their health issues include;

  • Cancer; Golden retrievers have one of the highest rates of cancer of all dog breeds. Therefore, being a mix of a golden retriever, a Goldador is more liable to have cancer than other dogs.
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia; this kind of health issue often affects medium and large dog breeds. It can cause painful joint pain and even cause your dog to be unable to move its affected legs.Signs of the elbow and hip dysplasia include; lameness, decreased activity, and inability to use the stairs.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy; can cause vision loss and blindness.
  • Exercise-Induced Collapsed; this kind of health condition is primarily found in Labrador retrievers.It is a nervous system disorder that can cause your dog to collapse suddenly after or during exercise.
  • Allergies; allergies are quite common, Goldadors may become allergic to the environment or dog food you are feeding them.Your veterinary doctor will help you determine what is causing your dog’s allergies.

You can avoid health issues in your Goldador by feeding them high-quality dog food, taking them to the veterinary doctor for regular check-ups, and taking note of every change in their behavior.

Goldador Grooming

Because both parent breeds have double coats, your Goldador will as well have a double coat.

Grooming double-coat dog breeds requires special attention.

First, never shave your Goldador’s coat.

The double coat of a Goldador keeps them warm during cold months and cool during hotter months.

Shaving their double coats can permanently damage their coats and can be very uncomfortable for them.

Also, shaving will not prevent shedding.

Secondly, weekly brushing especially during times of the year when losing their undercoats.

The shedding season is known as spring and fall when double coat dogs lose their undercoats.

Goldador does not need frequent bathing.

Their bathing can be every 6 weeks.

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Most importantly, begin brushing their teeth from puppyhood.

So they can get used to being brushed.


Goldadors just like the golden retriever and Labrador retriever are highly and easily trainable dogs.

They are very intelligent and easy to please.

Due to the Goldador’s high level of intelligence and energy level, training and mental stimulation are very good for this dog breed.

You will need to train and exercise your Goldador dog every day.

Make sure to make the training lively and challenging for your Goldador.

You should begin training your Goldador from puppyhood.

Most importantly, you can take your Goldador out for socialization to meet other animals and people.

And experience new sights and sounds.

Goldador exercise 

Exercise is very important for a Goldador’s health and happiness.

To exercise with the Goldadors, you should prepare for exercise.

Because they love to exercise.

At least 30 or 40 minutes daily is good enough.

The Goldador has an intelligent brain and as such you need to vary his exercise routine.

He will quickly become bored of non-lively exercise.

The price of a Goldador

Godador puppies are generally anywhere from $600 to $1000.

Although, the price depends on many factors, including the parent dog and the location of the breeder.