Can Dogs Eat Corns?

There is a lot of false and misleading information floating around, you may have wondered, 'can dogs eat corn? Learn more!

Everybody wants the best for their dogs, be it dog-friendly accommodation or dog-friendly food. And lately, you might have heard the discussion regarding the corn in dog food. As there is a lot of false and misleading information floating around, you may have wondered, ‘can dogs eat corn?’. We believe that you must know the real facts before feeding corn to your dog. Is feeding corn to dogs safe?

Let’s dive into it and get the answers.

Can Dogs Eat Corn?

The answer is in the affirmative. Indeed Dogs can have corn if given in moderation. Corn serves as a good source of carbohydrates not only for humans but for dogs also. This popular grain is rich in vitamins, protein, potassium, linoleic acids, and fiber. Corn contains phytochemicals like carotenoids, which aid in lowering the risk of illness and chronic infections. Carotenoids also help to boost the immune system.

Another good thing about corn is that it is relatively inexpensive than other nutritious foods. It means that you can buy it in large quantities for your sweetheart dog and yourself also.

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When Is Corn Unsafe For Dogs? Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?


There are several things that you must consider before exposing corn to your dog. One of such considerations is making sure that your dog is not allergic to corn.

Not all dogs have food allergies, but some dogs may develop certain allergies with time. Therefore, if you notice any symptoms of diarrhea, abdominal pain, or skin allergy, consult your vet as soon as possible.

Another thing to take into consideration is what form or type of corn you are feeding your pup. For instance, if you are giving popcorn to your dog, make sure that it is unbuttered and unsalted. Popcorn may contain high amounts of sodium and fats. Feeding too much daily can make your dog obese, and there is a risk of kidney disease as well.

Is Corn On The Cob Safe For Dogs?

No! No matter how cutely and innocently your dog looks at you, do not share corn corb with your dog. In case if your dog ingests the cob, it can result in intestinal blockage.

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Whatever food you choose to feed your pup is up to you. Corn is a food that you can feed your dog instantly. However, make sure that the food you are feeding your dog must not have any adverse effects on your dog’s health. Also, make sure to take your vet on board before introducing new food to your dog.

We hope that now you know can dogs eat corn or not.


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